Saturday, October 30, 2004

Three Strikes and ... "Sideways"

I'm learning some good lessons about finding good wines by the glass. Yesterday evening I was really in the mood for some wine. But it turned into a good example of where/when not to drink wine and just stick with a good old cold glass of beer. The three strikes:

1. Office happy hour at an upscale hotel (a little surprised by this one)
2. Eating Indian food (the spices just kill wine flavors)
3. Quick stop at a neighborhood bar prior to the movies (where the wine list was hand written on the the back a waitress' order pad - and noted simply as Syrah, Cabernet, Pinot, etc. - no appellation, vineyard, vintage, etc.)
After those mishaps, my wife and I caught "Sideways" the new film by Alexander Payne. The movie has already received a ton of press and good reviews, not to mention notoriety in the wine world because of its use of wine as a central theme. Like some of his previous movies ("Election", "About Schmidt") it was hysterically funny at times and dark at others. All in all, an enjoyable flick built upon a clever screenplay and top notch acting. The wine theme thins out towards the end as the relationships between characters takes centerstage, as it should. That said wine and some of the redicuolus things we do when tasting wine were showcased enough for my wife to give me quite a few elbow jabs during the show.

Movie Rating - 9.0 out of 10
Ticket Price - $9