Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Winecology: Scott Harvey Syrah 2002 Amador County, CA

I was reading some of my favorite wine blogs last week looking for a good, hearty red for a party my wife and I had this weekend. I came upon this raving review of Scott Harvey's 2001 Syrah at Vinography.

"If I had to pick one wine that has consistently blown away everyone I have served it to in the last year, the Scott Harvey would be the wine...Perhaps the best $18 I have spent on wine in the last year."

I took note and went looking for the wine. Scott Harvey's wine is unfortunately fairly hard to come by due to limited production. Porthos, an online retailer specializing in service and access to little known wine gems, was selling the 2002. I decided to pass on buying from Porthos because I needed the wine in just a few days for the aforementioned party.

So this past Saturday, I went to Sam's Wine Superstore (one of my favorite local spots to shop due to the exceptional selection, prices and service) to find some bottles for the party. As chance would have it, the Scott Harvey Syrah 2002 was being offered for tastings! I tasted - loved it - and decided to buy. In the mean time, I started chatting with the Scott Harvey representative - who turned out to be none other than, Scott Harvey himself. Definitely an interesting guy who offered some first hand insights about his wine. Its a very cool opportunity to talk about a wine with the winemaker himself.

Now here's a question for you all. Scott was autographing his bottles of wine. Is this common practice? It seemed a little weird...but I guess there are more parallels between my wine-crazed leanings today and those of my baseball card collecting youth.

On to the wine. It was really, really very good. Certainly the best wine I've had since keeping tasting notes and ratings. The nose was intense. In the mouth flavors showed complexity moving from berry to pepper to minerals and earth. The wine had a velvety mouth feel. Lasting finish.

Rating - 9.5 out of 10
Price - $14