Sunday, November 07, 2004

Wine at the Supreme Court

A nice article in today's L.A. Times (registration required) provides a concise summary of the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case on interstate wine shipping. I enjoyed the article because it simply boiled downed the myriad of complicated legal and regulatory issues surrounding the case. Essentially, alcohol wholesaler-distributors want to prevent wineries from broadly selling wine directly to consumers. Today, wineries can only do this in instances where states have reached individual agreements. Evil and entrenched wholesaler-distributors are using prohibition-era laws to make their case. The following quote from the wholesaler-distributor association in the Supreme Court case nicely summarizes their pea brain point-of-view:
"The wine industry has flourished under this system," said Karen Gravois, the wholesalers' vice president for public affairs. "Most Americans like it."
Oh yeah, and the slave industry flourished under its dead wrong but legal system. And way back in the day, most American liked that, too.