Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Winecology: Green Point Victoria Shiraz 2002

For Wine Blogging Wednesday #3 I lucked out with this top notch Shiraz from the Yarra Valley in Australia. I really hadn't picked out a wine until I got home tonight and took a look at my stash. I received this wine as a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago from a friend. I wasn't familiar with Green Point at the time and put the bottle away for a another day. Well, as I was rummaging through the 4 or 5 Aussie Shiraz bottles I had it home, I saw the Green Point. The name struck me this time around because I had just read a favorable review (93 points) in November's Wine Spectator.

Based on what I've been drinking lately, Australian wines (especially Shiraz) are definitely some of the highest 'quality to price' values available today. When you think of what top quality California Cabs, any Pinot Noir, Bordeaux or Burgundy fetch, the abundance of great Australian Shiraz is a relative steal. So propers to Viv at
Seattle Bon Vivant for the WBW selection.

Green Point vineyards is in the heart of Victoria's Yarra Valley. From what I gather, the vineyard is owned by Domaine Chandon Australia - which is of course of Moet and Chandon fame. As such, Green Point has a fairly substantial offering of sparklers in addition to still wines.

On to the wine...It had beautiful, deep and intense ruby colors in the glass. The nose was slight but hinted of berries and flat cola. On the palette it had a succulent mouthfeel. The flavors were concentrated and showed big, dark berry fruits combined with pepper notes. The wine had a firm structure and backbone from the tannins. Mild acidity and tartness provided balance. The finish was long, didn't bring any new flavors, but keeps the existing ones going and going while accentuating soft tannins.

Rating - 9.0 out of 10
Price - $16