Saturday, January 22, 2005

Fine Wine Lines: Wine Expo Edition

I've mentioned this before, but Wine Expo (a Southern California retailer) puts out the most entertaining weekly newsletter that I've come across. Subscribe for the laughs alone. You'll also get tons of below-the-radar insight into Italian wine - Wine Expo's specialty. Send an e-mail here to subscribe.

Some fine wine lines from this weeks edition:
"Sicilia Bianco IGT 2002 - $5.99 or
Sicilia Rosso IGT 2002 $5.99
Hey you, yeah you...wanna be chic and cosmopolitan like your Euro-Trashfriends? Start by learning to buy delicious, good with anything, quality with no brand baggage attached generic wine like this and using the savings to buy $80 Dolce & Gabanna T-Shirts ...' "

"Silvano Strologo Rosso Cònero Julius 2003, le Marche $14.99
'Captain....we’re damn near pinning the needle on the Bang for the Buck-o-Meter, I think she’s a gonna blow' 'Hang on to her, Scotty, these ribs are almost done and the Romulans are already here for dinner...try decanting it in that Dialythium Cristal vase on the counter...' "
*The Wine Cellar has no association with Wine Expo.