Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Winecology: Georges Duboeuf Fleurie - Flower Label - Beaujolais 2003

2003 is truly a remarkable vintage for Beaujolais. The scorching heat wave of July and August that year created wines with depth and complexity not normally found in Beaujolais. This particular wine is from negociant Georges Duboeuf who is by most counts the king of Gamay - the primary varietal grown and produced in Beaujolais. Ten villages comprise the top 'Crus' of the Beaujolais region. These top Crus tend to create wines with more elegance than typical Beaujolais, which can be overtly fruity, generally simple and lacking complexity. Fleurie is one of those ten Cru.

This effort had light ruby colors that occasionally brought forward bluish purple hues. A fresh nose of fruity strawberry and cherry. Some floral notes developed over time as well. In the mouth, sharp tartness is well balanced by concentrated fruit. A velvety mouthfeel has more cherry and spice. The moderate length, smooth finish features strawberry creamsicle.

Rating - 8.5 out of 10
Price - $12

Edited to correct Gamay as the "primary" not "only" varietal growin in Beaujolais.